Click the Link Below to Download a Demo of MM1


Downloading the MM1 Demo program

To start the install, click on the MM1 Demo Install.

  • Internet Explorer will prompt you to Run or Save. Click Run. Follow the prompts to install the Demo.

  • Google Chrome will show the download as a rectangle in the lower left hand corner. Once it has completed downloading click on the arrow to the right of MM1Demo.exe and click on Open. Follow the prompts to install the Demo.

Norton & other security/antivirus applications may stop the file from being downloaded stating it is not trust worthy application. To complete the download will require turning off the Norton & other security/antivirus applications temporarily. Call me if you need help with this.


Starting the MM1 Demo program

Once the install starts, the prompts will require you click on Next for each window.
You will receive an installation successful message once the install completes.
You will be prompted to restart your computer.

After the restart you will find the MM1 Demo Icon on your Desktop.
  Right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator.

A re-indexing screen will be displayed, this is a housekeeping of the MM1 database.
After the re-index completes, you will see a Week out of Range window. Click on Yes to use the computer date.
A GearWrench dealer setup screen will be displayed, it isn't necessary for using the MM1 Demo program and just click Save.
You will now be at the main menu of the MM1 program


Starting the MM1 Demo program

MM1 is designed to use buttons, hot keys and menus to navigate through all the processes available in the program. The design in consistent across all the screens you will be using. At the main screen there are 5 columns of buttons you can use to start a process that is labeled to do. For instance the 1st column 1st button , [F12] Backup/Restore will start the process to backup or restore data for MM1. The labels on the buttons refer to hot keys that are listed in brackets , as [F12] is in this example. Therefore you can start up the backup/restore process by using the F12 function key at the top of your keyboard. If the function key doesn't work, you need to use the FN key which is to the left or right of the space bar on your keyboard. This is the same as using the Shift key to make a letter capitalized. If you don't use the button or the function key, you can use the Menu at the top of the screen. In this case, click on File and then Backup / Restore in the list that is displayed.

To help in the evaluation of MM1 at the main screen of MM1, click on Help on the menu at the top, click on MM1 Manual (1st item in the list). The manual will be launched. Use it to search for terms to help in your evaluation.

The MM1 Demo comes populated with stops, customers and inventory.

MM1 Demo settings are made in the customization screen. You can review and modify the MM1 Demo by clicking on the MM1 Setup button at the bottom of the first column of buttons on the main screen. There are setting by Dealer, POS, Reporting, Inventory Options, Hardware Options and Miscellaneous Options. For example , to print out invoices or reports you need to "Select Printers" under Hardware Options>Printer settings OR to make the list of Stops appear when starting an invoice, you need to select "Default to search customer by stop" under POS>Invoicing.

Go ahead and start using the MM1 Demo program. If you have questions or need any help give us a call.

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